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Arakawa Under the Bridge (荒川アンダー ザ ブリッジ Arakawa Andā za Burijji) is a Japanese manga series created by Hikaru Nakamura. The manga was first serialized in the Japanese seinen manga magazine Young GanGan starting December 3, 2004 through July 2015. It was published collectively in 15 volumes by Square Enix in Japanese from August 25, 2005 to November 20, 2015 and digitally by Crunchyroll Manga in English.

An anime adaptation by studio Shaft was broadcast in Japan between April 4, 2010 and June 27, 2010 on TV Tokyo. A second season, titled Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, aired in Japan between October 3, 2010 and December 26, 2010.

A television drama adaption was released on July 26, 2011 on TBS and July 30 on production company MBS.

A live-action film adaption of the manga, starring Kento Hayashi, Mirei Kiritani, Yu Shirota, Natsumi Abe, and Nana Katase, released in Japanese cinemas on February 4, 2012.

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A young "elite" man, Kou Ichinomiya, has a policy of not being in debt to anyone. However, a series of events lead to him owing his life to a strange girl who goes by the name Nino. She lives under the bridge of the Arakawa River, and says, to Kou's disbelief, that she's a native of the planet Venus, a Venusian. After the ordeal between the two, they become lovers. Kou adopts the name Recruit (Rec) and ends up living under the bridge with Nino and her group of even stranger friends.

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