Kou Ichinomiya is the male protagonist of the Arakawa Under the Bridge series. He is a 22-year-old university student, head of several companies, and heir to the Ichinomiya corporation. He was raised by his father to "never be indebted to anyone," even wearing a tie that is passed father to son with the motto written all over it.

Kou gets his pants stolen one day while crossing a bridge and falls into the Arakawa River while trying to retrieve them. He nearly drowns until Nino saves him and brings him to shore. Kou attempts to repay Nino with money and a home, but she refuses. When Kou asks Nino what she does want, she asks him to "experience love with (her)," which leads to Kou moving under the bridge to be with her.

Shortly after he moves in, he is renamed "Rec," short for "Recruit." Chief offered “Naitei Toreta” as a second choice, but Kou didn’t like it and accepted “Recruit”.

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