Nino and Kou Ichinomiya are the two main protagonists in Arakawa Under the Bridge.

Nino and kou

Kou and Nino.

They first meet after Kou falls into the Arakawa river. Nino saves him from drowning. Kou's family never wants to be in debt to anyone. Kou even has a tie that was passed down to him that has "Never Be Indebted to Anyone" on it. So he asks what he can do to not be in debt. When Nino replys "(To) Experience Love With Me" Kou has a Asthma attack but eventually agrees.

Kou being adorable

Kou wearing the tie that says "Never Be Indebted to Anyone".

First Date

In Episode 4, Nino and Kou go on their first date. Kou tells Nino that "The Most Important part of a relationship is distance". From Kou's thoughts we find out he did some research for his date by reading some manga called "Centimeters Till I Reach You". They do many stances called "The Perfect first date distance", "So close yet so far", "Linked Heart Distance" and "Crossed Signals". When Nino realizes that they have walked right back were they started, She wonders if this is what a date should be like. Kou gets all defensive and lies saying he has more things up his sleeve. He says every date needs one thing "A Princess Ride".

K poor nino

Kou giving Nino a Princess Ride